What do we do?

Focusing on smaller, short-term financial, service or materials aid, The Alice Foundation serves an often overlooked gap in health care needs by providing persons experiencing illness and health care challenges needs and services such as assistive devices, medication, personal care, transportation, accessibility installation and much, much more.

Who do we help?

The Alice Foundation depends on referrals from in-home caregivers all over the valley to find persons most in need of our resources. Why healthcare providers?

How do we help?

Some of the resources we have provided in the past include temporary custodial care, short-term basic living expenses, transportation, advocacy, medication expenses, assistive devices, utility appliances, and companionship.

Recent Projects

Choosing Between Food and Prescriptions

Eleanor was suffering from high blood pressure and home health nurses ...

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A New Water Heater

One day, while chiding Margie for not showering during the week, her c...

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Custom Made Shoes

Jeff, a veteran with diabetes was unable to walk outside of his apartm...

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